Prime-Minister Rutte Visits Enschede

8 April 2011

Prime-Minister Rutte Visits Enschede 6th April 2011, Enschede, The Netherlands

On April the 6th, the prime-minister of the Netherlands, Mr. Mark Rutte, visited the University of Twente and companies on the Business & Science Park. The visit of the prime-minister was within the context of innovation at the University of Twente, and primarily the commercialization thereof. Being a spin-off of the University of Twente, Ambient Systems is one of the many examples of successful commercialization of entrepreneurial research performed at the University of Twente. Ambient provides state-of-the-art technology with Dynamic Wireless Sensor Networks.

During his visit, Ambient’s CTO and professor at the University, Dr. Paul Havinga addressed Mr. Rutte and spoke amongst others about the various phases a spin-off company experiences, about technology, Ambient’s current relationship to research undertaken at the University of Twente, subsidy programs and intellectual property. In summary, Mr. Rutte expressed much interest in the innovative activities at both the University of Twente and Ambient Systems.

More information can be found at the website of the University of Twente.


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