Inertia Technology and Ambient engage in Licensing Contract

29 March 2011

Inertia Technology and Ambient engage in Licensing Contract 29th March 2011 - Enschede, the Netherlands.

Ambient Systems is pleased to announce the addition of Business Partner Inertia Technology to its partner network. Inertia Technology and Ambient Systems engaged in a licensing agreement. As a result, Inertia’s products can now be seamlessly integrated in Ambient’s Dynamic Wireless Sensor Networks. Inertia Technology, based in Enschede in The Netherlands is also a technology spin-out from the University of Twente.

With the licensing agreement, Inertia is able to use the backbone of Ambient 3000 Series infrastructure in order to transmit data from its ProMove sensors to application software. Using both the Ambient network layer as well as the Device Driver Interface, Inertia can use all the tools offered by Ambient and as a result speed up its development considerably.

Today, the sensor industry is booming. With the introduction of the latest MEMS technology, sensors have become smaller, cheaper, more energy efficient and perform better. As a result, more and more applications can now effectively and efficiently be enabled, which is shown by the commercial introduction and success of, for example, game consoles such as the Wii. According to Mihai Marin-Perianu, CEO of Inertia Technology: “Wireless motion sensing has practically an unlimited number of applications in various sectors: healthcare, sports, gaming, industrial automation, robotics, automotive, to name just a few. Through the ProMove platform, Inertia enables the rapid development of a large range of such wireless motion sensing applications. ProMove is a versatile platform and therefore it can be fully and seamlessly integrated into the Ambient low-power wireless mesh network. This makes the partnership Inertia - Ambient ideal, because both companies can offer increased functionality of their product line.”

Jan Vesseur, CEO of Ambient Systems, adds: “The challenge with a technology like ours, is that it can be used in so many different ways and offers benefits in ways that we, as Ambient, can’t always oversee. With partners like Inertia Technology, new markets are opening up for Ambient networks and existing networks can be extended with new types of products. As our networks offer benefits that cannot be found in commonly available traditional sensor networks, we are keen to extend our applications using the expertise and knowledge of our partners.”

The ProMove is a versatile, flexible and easy to plug-and-play solution for rapid development of motion sensing applications. It combines the latest advances in MEMS sensor design and low-power wireless communication into a highly miniaturized inertial sensor node, which can capture, process and communicate full 3-D motion and orientation information (acceleration, turn rate and magnetic field intensity). Multiple ProMove nodes can form a wireless network and synchronize within microseconds their sensor sampling and communication. ProMove operates in the 2.4 GHz license-free band and is compatible to the IEEE 802.15.4 standard and to the ZigBee® and Ambient protocol stacks.

About Inertia Technology
Inertia Technology brings forward a new concept, targeted at the user interaction with its surroundings. Using wireless sensor nodes, Inertia captures and monitors the motion of people and moving objects, recognizes current situations and activities, provides constructive feedback and takes appropriate actions. The innovative technology of Inertia provides reactive intelligence, autonomic behavior, flexibility and scalability, ease of installation, low-cost and low-power operation.

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